Migrating to new server: advice! :)


My current GroupWise 2012 SP2 server is a SuSE 10 SP4 and I need to migrate to a new server!
I currently have 5% disk space left and have ordered additional drives, but while I'm going through the hassle and word is Windemere is not going to be supported on SuSE 10, I've decided to set-up and configure a new server.

This is my plan (this is my first migration) so any suggestions, advice, LOOKOUT FORs, would be welcome with open arms!
The current GroupWise server is a virtual machine on XenServer 6.1 with a NAS attached.
After I install the addition drives, here is my plan of attack:

1. Start up a new SuSE 11 SP2 server.
Notes: The old GroupWise server had a 20 GB disk allocated: 502 MB for /boot and 17.4 GB for / and 2.0 swap
GroupWise files are mounted at /var/opt/novell/groupwise with a 750 GB allocation (it's 83 Linux native).
I think I will double that (40 GB allocation) for room to grow.
Question: What would you recommend LVM or NSS for the partition that will hold GroupWise?
(I will have about 2 TB to work with).
2. Install GroupWise on the new server with the same po/domain name as 'old' server?
3. Install eDirectory on the new server and bring it into a new tree.
4. Perform a Gwava Reload migration.
5. Shutdown eDirectory on 'old' server, backup and restore on new server, then shutdown old server, reboot new server after modifying server name
  • Hi Stan,

    First off, you need OES in order to use NSS - as far as I am aware.

    Secondly, why don't you just bring up the new server in the same tree and do a server-to-server "move" of your GroupWise system? I must admit that I am not that familiar with doing a Gwava Reload migration.

    I tend to always do a "move" based on Danita's guide: postie.caledonia.net/.../index.php
  • Hi Laura,

    I knew that OES was needed for NSS, but forgot (seems to happen more as I get older), so thanks for reminding me.
    I guess I'll use LVM then unless there are issues with using it with GroupWise? I can't imagine there would be...

    I guess I could do your suggestion of bringing up a new server in the same tree and do a server-to-server move, but it would have to be set to a different name.
    How would my users connect? Wouldn't they have to change the server that they connect to on their GroupWise client?
    Also, wouldn't DNS entries be modified too?

    I was hoping to limit the impact to the users and thought, (theoretically), if the server's name and the IP Address remain the same, then users should just be able to login to the mail server as before.

    Thanks for the suggestion and it certainly gives me food for thought!


    Reload's documentation claims it is a much fast process than using Novell's migration utility and since I have Reload, I might as well use it.
  • I might have to do a move after all.
    I was looking at Novell's eDirectory document, "Planned Replacement of a Server" and in the preparation of the replacement server it states: "This must be the same operating system as Server A.", (Server A being the server that is being replaced).
    Since the OS on the current server is SusE 10 SP4 and the replacement server is SuSE 11 SP2, Am I out of luck using this option?
  • Hi Stan,

    With regards to impacting user interface... the client automatically looks for an entry for NGWNAMESERVER - as long as you have a DNS entry for that, they shouldn't see the difference.

    I, personally, never use the migration utility - I follow Danita's guide using DBCopy!

    Anyways... there's many ways of skinning this particular cat :)

  • Maybe you can do the follow, if you have a small downtime.
    1 .Stop GW, make a "chkconfig grpwise off", change IP of the server, reboot and configure the old IP as a secondary(with yast). Then you can start GW again(and "chkconfig grpwise on)".
    2. Install a new server with a new name and new IP in the tree.
    3. Install the GW-Agents on the new server and copy the config-files (*.poa,*.mta, web?, gwia?, /etc/opt/novell/...gwha.conf) from the old server, and "chkconfig grpwise off"
    4. In XEN you can expand the 750GB VOL and then the ext3 or you create a new VOL in XEN and mount it on the same place (/var/opt/novell/groupwise) BACKUP before expand !!
    5. If you have a new VOL make simply a rsync to the new VOL, online for the first time
    6. Online-Rsync(with delete-option) you can make ever day to see the consumed time, you can use also dbcopy, but this didnt delete old files
    7. On Day X you stop GW on old server, make a final rsync (or dbcopy, if you like)
    8. remove secondary IP from old server and configure this IP as a secondary to the new server.
    9. start GW (if you use gwmonitor its easy to configure it new with the install of GW)

    Similar "IP-mechanism" use a GW-Cluster.

    In XEN you can make (or you have) a separate network to check this after the first rsync. Switch the server to this network, give the seconday IP and start GW and check the gw-logs and/or start GW with X-Window, if you have runlevel 5 or xming.

    Because you have today > 750GB you should think about a second Postoffice, because the handling of big volumes(Backup, Snapshot,...)
    That you can make after moving to the new server. Simply build a 2. GW-Server, create a second PO with C1 (or you wait to windermere ??) and move some user.
    A Client with the old IP that moved on the new PO is automatically redirected.

  • Hi Laura,

    I did go out and purchase/download Danta's guide.
    I also went out for a walk so I could think with out too much interruption and you hit the nail on the head (or maybe it was the cat!) :)
    I will change port forwarding for those external users so it points to the new server and our DNS too...awesome!
    To be honest, I don't know if NGWNAMESERVER is in as a DNS entry...need to check that too!
    It's good to come into a weekend with out TOO much stuff clogging my mind!

    Many thanks!
  • Thanks Heiko!

    I will give that some thought!
    I might not be a bad idea to create a second gw post office!
  • Stan,
    I forget 1a)
    if running other services on the box, replace the IP also to the new mainIP(ntp, nam.conf, nds.conf,...) and restart this services.

  • Hi,

    These forums are here to help people bounce ideas around. As I said, there are many ways of skinning this particular cat, and many people will have different ideas. Take it all in and then plot your best way forward.

    Good luck with your migration, and please let us know how it goes and how you tackled your setup/migration so that we can all learn :)

  • Oh... just something else that I forgot to mention about my setup... my GroupWise system is assigned to a secondary IP address and not the physical IP of the server. That way, when I do migrate to a new server the secondary IP address is just moved to the new server. That way the actual IP addresses of my GroupWise components never change. Call it a personal quirk, but that's how I do it :)