Confused with dbcopy :-(

Hi there,

I placed my question in 2014 forums with no luck :( :) so I'll try here :)

I am planning to create a script to backup my GW system with dbcopy, and
after that move to tape/nas location.

But I have doubts using dbcopy. I have read a lot of threads here and I found several
differences between people talking about -i for incremental/ differential backups.
What I have clear is that I must use dbcopy because now I am using a simple file copy
backup method, and It's dangerous. (database problems...)

So, I would like to follow this schema:

1) Make a FULL backup at weekend. For this I have clear that I should use
dbcopy source target without modifiers for both domain and postoffice. Right ?
What I'm not sure is If I should use gwtmstmp after the dbcopy has finished.

2) Make an incremental/differential? Backup using dbcopy -i. So, here comes the questions:

2.1) Should I use a different dir for every day? I guess yes but I'm not sure.
2.2) Should I use every day -i /bash yesterday/ or Should I use
-i /bash last saturday/ I mean: in the week-day script, use -i yesterday or -i "last saturday".
2.3) If I would like to recover the WHOLE system what I should follow? Because
I have a FULL incremental backups of every day. I dont have clear how to
reconstruct the complete system with these parts.

Thank you all.