Contacts tab properties crashes?


I have a client which uses GW 8.02HP3. This week when the user goes to the Contacts tab in the main window of Gw it shows the same as the Home tab. When we want to try to ask the properties of the tab and go to the view tab GW crashes.

I have already re-installed the GW client but it didn't help.

Are these settings stored in the database on the server?


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  • In article <>, Jslegers wrote:
    > I have run an Analyze and there were no problems.

    I hope that the GWChecks are a regular thing for you

    > I heard from the user that he accidentally started Outlook which
    > connected to Groupwise. Could this be the problem?

    Possibly, especially if those hooks are active. Can you make sure Outlook
    isn't at all active on his system.
    Part of why I make sure Outlook isn't deployed at my clients as it does
    try to take over.

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