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I have a user who is using Groupwise 2012 and when she composes a new message the Spell Check button stays greyed out. She has her settings set to: Tools/Options/Environment/General. "Check spelling as your type" and "Check spelling before send" are checked. I couldn't find any article related to this issue for this version. Any thoughts?


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  • In article <>, Fishindude64
    > The user had uninstalled, run Cleanit, and then reinstalled the GW
    > client. Initially for the first few days the spellchecker worked but
    > now it is greyed out again. Any more thoughts?

    That sort of behaviour would have me running a full cleaning of temp
    files and a defrag. Sometimes a funky temp file gets stuck that
    interferes with a program, and the defrag affects the timings of things
    enough to clear a number of timeout.s

    Andy of in Toronto
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