Problem querying list of users,devices,last connection time

Prior to our upgrade to Mobility version we followed this TID: Support | How to get a list of users, devices and the last connection time for the devices in order to find out which users were added to Mobility, but had not connected a device in 30 days. This command (psql -U datasync_user mobility -c "select userid,deviceid,identifierstring,tstamp from devices" -H > /tmp/output.html) used to generate a list with the users ldap user id before we upgraded. Since, we now receive a numeric/has user identifier instead of the ldap user id.

Does anyone know if the field containing that information has changed and we need to reference a different field in the database?

Thank you for any help you can provide.
  • SELECT * FROM users INNER JOIN devices ON (users.guid = devices.userid) ORDER by tstamp DESC

    That will give you a bit more info then you might be looking for but it will have the requested data :)
  • TSchmauch;2280860 wrote:
    Thank you very much. Worked great!

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