Need Client for Windows 10 PC to Access GroupWise 6.5 PO

I need a client to access my (old) GroupWise v7.04 PO from my new Windows 10 PC.

GroupWise PO is v7.0.4
File Server = Novel OES Server, NetWare v6.5

I am finally weaning myself off of my trusty Win-XP PC of 16 years to a new Windows 10 PC.

Is there any client that will install on the Win-10 PC that can access my GroupWise 7.04 system? I only use the very basic E-mail services, so It doesn't matter if other functions don't work like Documents, Calendar, etc..

All I need the client to do is perform the very basic E-mail tasks like:
Create New Mail (sometimes with an attachment)
Reply to E-mail
Forward E-mail
Create Folders Within a Mailbox
Address Book
Provide access to other created mailboxes from my main mailbox login (Alias)

And that's just about it.
I don't want to use WebAccess.

[1] Do I have to upgrade my GroupWise system to a newer (NLM-based) version that will accommodate a Client on Windows 10?
[2] Do I have to upgrade my NetWare 6.5 server to a newer version to accommodate a newer GroupWise system?
...and so on.

Please don't laugh at me. I was a Novell Authorized Reseller until I retired 12 years ago. That server just keeps