User Second Device, no email appears on device

We have a user successfully syncing an iphone. He's trying to configure his iPad, iOS 7.01 and the device never syncs beyond the initial verification of the account setting in the ios settings app. The device appears in datasync. It shows items pending for sync to the ipad. Tailing the mobility log file show no connections when the pad is trying to sync, but there is chatter when the phone syncs. We'd prefer not to wipe the device and start from scratch but this is confounding. I've run maintenance against the mailbox, and it came back clean. I could re-init his account on datasync but his phone works and I'm afraid it won't after a re-init because of the way his ipad isn't working.

We've have several users syncing multiple devices without incident. Adding a different account to the device also doesn't sync. I was weirdly able to successfully send an email from the ipad after it was configured, and an item a appeared in the users sent items as well, but still no email. He gets plenty of mail daily so he should have items appear in the device inbox.

I'm really at a loss.

Any suggestions?
Build 794, GW2012Sp2

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