User will not sync all folders

I have one of my administrators that no matter what I try I can not his GroupWise folders to sync over. He is missing his Contacts, Inbox and most of his calendar items. He can sync or access on his iPhone the Junk Mail folder, deleted items and several cabinet folders. I have deleted him out of the mobility site and ran the dsapp utility to vacuum and re-index the database. I ran Nightly scripts as well. Nothing I have done so far seems to have any effect.

Anyone have suggestions on what I should look at next?


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  • Hi,

    Personally, I only run it individually on affected users. You could add it to your scheduled maintenance routine if you so wish. I guess that depends on how widespread your problem is.

    Let us know how it goes.

  • In article <>, Shesser wrote:
    > Can you use that FOLDERRESET option on regular maintenance via the poa
    > scheduled maint?

    We generally don't want to use any of those MISC flags on a regular
    basis if we can help it. For this one, it would be better to add to
    your training process the instruction about leaving those root folders
    in those locations.

    Andy of in Toronto
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