Using a alternative port for a GMS client

I know this question is not directly GMS, but I have been searching Google and Apple without finding the answer.
I want to have GroupWise web access on default port 443 - and I would like to use GMS to get mail and calendar on iOS clients.

So I will make a NAT rule in the firewall translating an alternative port to my GMS server on port 443.
Can this alternative port be configured in an iOS mail account (Exchange type)?
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    > konecnya;2327224 Wrote:
    > >...
    > > But you have only the one public IPv4 address to work with?

    > Yes, that is the exact situation.

    Instead of doing PAT at the firewall, just do straight NAT and set your
    GMS or Webaccess to the port you are using so that it is the same port for
    client as well as what GMS or Webaccess is using. Also make sure it isn't
    a common port or too high up, 1443 is a commonly picked one for those of
    you in your situation.

    If it is still a problem, it would be worth capturing the packets of the
    attempts coming in, either at the firewall level and/or on your GMS or
    Webaccess server.

    Sorry for the delay, August got weirdly busy for me and I've finally got
    the time
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    > On iOS, you can specify a port by using <gsmnameserver:<portnumber>

    Just because you can specify an option, doesn't mean the app/device is
    actually using it. That part could be broken in the current patch
    level of iOS being used. We'd have to test with a packet scan to be

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