devices question

howdy all ,

maybe someone can help me with the following , i have setup a gms 2.1 with suse added a user to the server as grpwise connector )
the gms server has "synced" the user .. however im unable to connect a mobile device to it ?

i have read some tid's and followed guides .. everything is running , but the mobile device is not connecting

the server is approchable from the external and internal adres , eg :
every service seem to be running..

in the mobile device i have added a new email account ( or calender ) using the exchange example ( i have read that somewhere )
however i think im missing some parts

i cannot telnet on port 25 / 143
i can telnet on port 80 / 443

i think i might need to enable more services on the POA , but soap runs , imap is disabled (using the gwia)
anyone else has or had this problem ?