Changing user source in running system and other complications


running full GW 2014R2 and GMS 2014
the docs are very silent at this point.
Project: we´re moving our users from eDir to AD.
Environment: old PO on OES11, new PO on WinServer 2012
Groupwise is set to ldap authentication, at this moment against edir.
Change is planned to AD sync and auth.
GMS is also set to ldap authentication.

What problems we´re running in, if we change GMS to groupwise user
source and authentication?
Is there a relation between auth mode in Groupwise and GMS?
Will auth in future running in two steps: mobile device -> GMS -> AD?

Worst case:
Should I kill the complete GMS installation and start over? Bad idea,
because it´s a live system...

Any hints much appreciated

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