Groupwise live move taking days...


I have tested LIVE moving three mailboxes on our groupwise 8.0.1 system. 11

1. The user move from a Netware 6.5SP8/Groupwise 8.0.1 to SLES10SP2/OES2SP1/Groupwise 8.0.1 move took nine days to complete (1.8 GB mailbox).

2. The resource move (from same as above servers) took several days (a few MB large).

3. A user with a 1.5 MB mailbox from sles10sp2/oes2sp1/gw8.0.1 to another sles10sp2/oes2sp1/gw8.0.1 server took several minutes. I am now trying the same source and destination type servers again with a 300 mb mailbox user.

I opened an SR on the first issue noted as #1 above. Novell advised retrying until it finished. I did that.

Has anyone done live moves and if so what worked for you to get this working quickly and effectively? I don't want it to take days but minutes to move a mailbox.

  • When I made the jump, I purchased "The Caledonia Guide to Moving GroupWise" and read threw it a couple of times. I highly recommend spending the $40 on the book. It really helped me out.

    They do mention the move can take a long time for big systems and that is why it is done in a two step process: 1. Initial move operation migrates all data to the new system but does it in the background so no users are affected. 2. Then on the day of switch over, the second move operation only has to move what has changed, and is much faster.

    This worked well for me, but our system is very small (50 users). Good luck, Chris.