Client Restore from Backup - Access Denied

I have a user that deleted the messages in his Cabinet, which was most of his saved email. I have restored a backup to a network location and I can get into his GroupWise 8.0.2 client, go to File\Open Backup, and his backup mail shows up. All of the messages are showing in his Cabinet and Mailbox, everything is looking good so far. Then, when I right click on a message, or a group of messages, and choose the Restore option, I get the following error message:

GroupWise Error [8201] "Access to the file has been denied. Please note the error code..."

The user is not a network administrator, so I was thinking maybe he didn't have rights to the server we restored the backup to, but I tried restoring a file as myself and another of our network admins also tried, and we are getting the same error. I found a somewhat similar sounding error fix off of Google, but it mentions that the user only has Read rights to the files. When we look at the files through Console 1, the user, and ourselves, have full control. Any ideas?