Proxy list report

I am needing to generate a list of all accounts and the proxy access granted from each one. I have found however, when I run GWCheck from C1 setting it to user databases only and verbose logging the PO is tanking. Any other options out there or will they all require the gwcheck log configured as stated previously?
  • It can be done using the GroupWise Admin API to generate a list of users and the GroupWise Object API to login to each mailbox and output the proxy list. Below are two Visual Basic scripts - listActiveUsers.vbs and listProxy.vbs


    option explicit

    ' Define constants

    const DomainPath = "f:\gwdom"

    ' Define variables

    dim GWSystem
    dim GWUser

    'create connection to GroupWise

    set GWSystem=CreateObject("NovellGroupWareAdmin")
    GWSystem.Connect( DomainPath )

    for each GWUser in GWSystem.Users

    ' list accounts that are disabled and are not expired

    if GWUser.disableLogin = FALSE and ( GWUser.MailboxExpDate = 0 or GWUser.MailboxExpDate > now() ) then
    wscript.echo GWUser.Name
    end if



    option explicit

    ' Define constants

    const TrustedApp = "ProxyReport"
    const TrustedAppKey = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

    ' Define variables

    dim stdin
    dim GWApplication
    dim GWAccount
    dim GWAccountRights
    dim UserName

    ' Connect to GroupWise with trusted application key

    set GWApplication = CreateObject("NovellGroupwareSession")
    call GWApplication.SetTrustedApplicationCredentials(TrustedApp, TrustedAppKey)

    ' Open standard input

    set stdin = wscript.stdin

    do while not stdin.atendofstream

    ' Read in user name

    UserName = stdin.readline

    ' Login to GroupWise

    set GWAccount = GWApplication.MultiLogin(UserName)

    ' Write out <All User Access> proxy access rights

    wscript.echo GWAccount.Owner.DisplayName