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I have a user who is receiving outside email addressed to in addition to our default format of 'first initial lastname'. I also tested and found that other formats work for this user such as firstname.lastname, etc. I know the latter is one of the default acceptable formats in GW 8 but the one with the underscore is not. During my test, I sent the same email to him and to myself but I didn't receive those alternate formats, while he did. He does not have a gateway alias or nickname set up using the underscore. I am the postmaster of course, and I do have an alias set for my address, but other than that our settings are the same, so where could that be coming from?


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  • No this user does not have any alias or nickname.

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    the underscore is/was a standard way to represent spaces that was more
    commonly used in the mid 1990s. Certainly looks like some of that code
    is in GroupWise for some of the other options.
    Does this particular user have any alias? If not, it might be worth
    putting one in there to see if that makes a difference.

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