config for small GW install

I'm planning to deploy on a small server using KVM our old server for a small community group

the server has 2.3Ghz dualcore Xeon, 8Gb ram, 300Gb RAID1 Hard disk - no real budget for additional storage

Plan is to deploy this on KVM - also need a Vibe install on the same server - so host and 2 VM's
current User Data is 30Gb

Usually with OES I allow 80Gb (500Mb Boot, 4Gb Swap, 20Gb /, 15Gb /var and rest as home which stores install files etc)

which I know is OTT but in this case would leave me very for data!!!

What is practical for "small" OES VM
  • I'm not sure I totally understand the question. Are you asking how big a GW OES server needs to be? Or are you asking how big Vibe needs to be? I mean, I've gotten away with as small as 50 GB for OES, but I'm thinking it might be a better question for the OES folks. For GroupWise I usually tell people they should have "storage" allocated for GW itself that is at least twice the size of their expected PO size.