iManager Groupwise plug-in does not populate email field in iManager

I could have sworn that previous versions of the GroupWise plug-in for iManager filled in the user's email address after the desired post office was selected.

I don't recall ever having to fill in a user's email address field in the iManager user profile.

I moved to OES 2018SP! and GroupWise 18 simultaneously, so I'm not sure where the problem lies.


The first question: Am I correct, or is my memory faulty?

Second question: How can this be fixed?

  • Think email address publishing is not a function of the plugin itself, but rather depending on how "Email Publishing" is set within "System" -> "LDAP Servers" -> <Name of Directory>.

    AFAIK the plugin itself can do nothing more than showing which PO a given user is associated to or triggering the creation of a mailbox for a given user in a desired PO.



  • Thanks for the response, Mathias

    The "Publish email addresses to this directory." check box has always been filled for my system, so it may not be the plug-in itself, but something is not working as intended.

    I'll open an SR and report back the results.