GMS 18.3.1 - To be, or not to be, that is the question

Why do start with GMS 18.3.1 - any ideas?

Just now I am not sure why to upgrade ...

  • I have to create a new server.
  • I have to install a new GMS
  • None of my settings will survive these steps
    • address book settings
    • synchronization direction
  • All users have to be re-synced from the very first
  • (it seems there is) no chance to use dsapp again
  • Does not run on OES
  • ...

What do I win?

  • solved bug: 40673 - Unknown user in dashboard after re-init on user account
  • based on smarter version python3
  • Agree.  I don't see any reason to upgrade right now.

  • For one client I may well go ahead because the old box got messed up for other reasons,  but may well stay with a SLES12 version given otherwise loosing dsapp.  

  • You will loose LDAP user source !!!! ( not sure why they did that )

    GroupWise User Group need to be visible to be possible to add it. Not sure if this was needed before, but I have always used LDAP as user source.

  • I've just started the upgrade from GMS18.3.0 SLES15SP2 to GMS18.3.1 SLES15SP on 20+ servers. This is the only way to get the latest bug fixes in the future. You might postpone it for a while but it is inevitable. This particular version looks skippable, but the upgrade process can take a while, so planning ahead is necessary. I rather plan the upgrade when the roof is not burning and I don't have to install/upgrade asap and there is plenty of time for the planning, testing. So far I've upgraded 3 servers, all went wrong for different reasons, but because of planning ahead I had a big maintenance window for the upgrade so there was no unplanned service outage.

  • The "upgrade method" to 18.3.1 shocked me too. I was so angry that I refused to touch it for month. But later I've calmed down and accepted my fate. Lots of late night overtime and angry end users. Whenever I do a reinstall of the gms service, some of the users, usually the vips loose the ability to sync emails on the phone and despite the service has been freshly installed I have to reinit gms users and restart the service multiple times to fix it.

  • What SP version did you install it on? I just did an install on Sles 15 sp2 and having can’t get the device sync to start. I have been racking my brain trying to  troubleshoot but no go, and it’s been frustrating. I’m wondering  at this point if I should revert to my snapshot to the pre install and update to sp3 then try to install it again?! 

    What headaches did you come across? 

  • I did try both service packs in test environments. Both versions were working. Synchronization was possible in both situations. My trials to run dsapp failed (I know dsapp is based on python2 but I took care of this).

    Some days ago I started to change my production environment. No I did not change it - I added a new GMS 18.3.1 to get a feeling and to allow first users to use it. I was the first one Innocent!

    My server is based on Suse 15 SP3 and I did not have any troubles to go for it. Please take care of requirements and recommendations. Take care of suggested software packages to install and file system to use!

    My mobile device was working from the very first minute - my device is Android based.

  • My base system was SLES 15 SP2 + GMS 18.3.0. I've uninstalled GMS, upgraded to SLES15SP3 and installed GMS 18.3.1.
    I use groups to add users to GMS. I would like to avoid that users send emails to these technical groups. The group needs system visibility, otherwise the address book user cannot see it.
    My first mistake was to add a user to the Access Control list of the GSM group in GW. This way the GMS could not read the members. After a few hours I figured it out and cleared the ACL.
    My second mistake was that I was (still am) impatient. It takes about an hour or more for GMS to configure about 100 users in a group. When I add the group to GMS, it reads the members and adds them to GMS. The very first stage for every user is "Configuring", the second is "Configured". Unless all the users are in the Configured stage the process won't continue with the further states, Sync-init, Synced, etc... It took me many hours to figure it out, that there is nothing wrong with the freshly installed GMS server, it just takes a long time for GMS to put every user into the "Configured" state and then continue with everything else. I've reinstalled the whole server again and again. Finally I realised that there is nothing wrong with the server ,it is just incredibly slow.
    There are some users, who I cannot add to this version of GMS. It stops with "Failed to find user xyz in cache or failed GroupWise login! Can not complete this users configurations without logging in." I've opened an SR for this.