Missing users after messenger migration from 3

Hello Members,

I did a migration of a messenger system from 3.03 to Messenger 18. Things went almost fine, 43k users were migrated from the old system, but about 10k users are still missing. How can I add the missing messenger users? All 10k of them. The documentation says "In the GroupWise Admin Console > Users, select the users you want to add to Messenger." I definitely won't do this manually for 10k users. I did it for one user, it worked, but the contact list got wiped out. :( I tried to rerun the migration process only, but it stopped with a "System object(s) already exists!" message. Help!

  • I´m currently doing migration too and I´m very disappointed how developers created config part of installation. If there is something wrong, you need rerun whole loooong install process again and again. Nothing is really logged, only install log is for NSS part, but hey, where is the migration ? I got info, that something is wrong with connection to LDAP, but everything was correctly entered.
    Debugging unsuccessful install is very problematic.

    @gellért I think you need wipe DB and start again, but not sure how you can debug why not all users were migrated ...
  • I stopped ArangoDB3 service, deleted folder with database files and did the import again, now whole process was successful. To your problem, in my case import imported all users from production eDirectory. Not only, which has been setup for Messenger, for example novlxregd user.

    Bug ?
  • Hello David,

    I've cleared up and rerun the migration process at least 10 times. The results were disappointing, various number of users were missing after each run. And I cannot rerun the migration without clearing up the whole database, so I cannot add the missing users with a new migration process. After a while, I gave up and started to write my own script to migrate/create/associate/sync users with GW REST API. But this will take days or weeks.
    The only log I got from the migration process was a duplicate users log, with 500 wwwrun and novlxsrv users :) But those are easy to delete, and having more users is a smaller problem than missing them.

  • Can you PM-me, if you have something ? It would be fine to create Cool Solution article, I think all 100 users Messenger sites have same problem.