User move stuck in Source domain updated


Last Friday I've moved 10 mailboxes from DOM1.PO1 to DOM2.PO2. 6 of them were moved fine, but 4 of them got stuck in "Source domain updated". My only option in the User Move Status window is "Refresh" and "Clear Status". The users can log in, but of course their mailboxes are empty. The userdb files are there on the source post office and they seems to be not empty. There are no pending operations. Source, destination, primary domain shows the same info about the mailboxes. I tried to Clear Status the move, but the next they it reappeared. There is nothing in the logs, no TRACK MOVE, or anything like that, just the rename operation.

How can I fix this failed move?
According to tid 7008300 (I don't have D109 Bad Parameter error), the theory is that I should reverse somehow the move operation so that the users belongs to the source domain. Should I restore a domain database from backup? But what happens to the mailboxes that were created after last Friday? Will they disappear?