Is there a possibility to search for undeliverable mails?

Is there a possibility to search for undeliverable mails? I have tried to create some searches but did not find a sufficient solution. Maybe I did not see the branch in a forest of many trees.


  • that is a great question, and I can't find any search criteria that finds it either.

    'Transfer failed' is another one that would be great to search for as well, but that doesn't work either.  The closest I see is that there is a slight difference in the icon you can watch for, that little semi circle at the front of the envelope, as well as the other up-right arrow being more to the left.


    I think this would make a great Idea/enhancement request.  so go for it and post that link here so we can all vote on it.

    I also found that my personal site's hoster has some smegheads on staff, as based from their SMTP error of "550 Ah Smeg, No such person at this address" which earns them a thumbs up from me.

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    Hi Andy,

    I am working a lot with panels. I am still inspired by Phill Karren's activities around "Getting Things Done". 

    So I create of bundle of panels and view them in one general window - This is my "cockpit" which makes important data within my GroupWise visible.

    This idea to get important data within one view is really smart and I run some trainings just for "GTD" using panels. In most cases people are impressed - not because of GTD but of GroupWise ability to show the right things!

    Someone asked me if there is a possibility to search for deliverable mails and create a panel for this. This can be important too!

    I will create an enhancement request for this!