Can an IP address be whitelisted?

I have a small GroupWise server.

The server uses blacklists.

Outgoing email from my iPhone is sent to my GWIA on port 25.

Many of my cellphone provider's dynamically assigned IP addresses are
blacklisted. <whoops!>

I can't send email from my own cellphone to/via my own GroupWise server.

I want to continue using blacklists but I'm willing to make an
exception for a couple of IP addresses and Secure Messaging Gateway is
not a solution in this case.

I actually spoke with my cellphone provider to see if they could remove
their IP addresses from the RBL servers. They didn't have a clue what I
was talking about and suggested I had a problem with my own server
because they don't blacklist IP addresses. Once I explained how
blacklists worked and they began to appreciate the magnitude of the
problem, they just laughed! I can't say I blame them! :-(

Kevin Boyle - Knowledge Partner
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