Groupwise Client 18.2.x on Win7 (32 or 64 bit)

How many from you customers run Groupwise Client on Win7?

How many stations/persons are working so?

i hope that groupwise Client 18.3.x will also work with this os! (this will be only a compilation)

And also must come a osx mac Client !

What is you mind?


  • Hi ,

    I do not see a problem to run GW18 clients on Win7 ...

    However Win7 is out of support - why should someone develop software which is out of date (although still in use)?

    I think that the product manager will already sit on a mountain of votes for a mac client
    Last week there was the "Micro Focus Connected Tour 2020". Three days, three sessions each day. Collaboration, file management and endpoint management. One session explained  "Desktop Container" which was really interesting.
    So how about if there is a GroupWise desktop container which can be started on Macs? In this case we can offer the newest client for the Apple world (and old Windows world). Maybe that's an idea which can be pushed!

  • in gw18.3 gwclient for win7 is not included and not planned, but many customers work with this eol os. This customer will be lost for Microfocus and Groupwise
  • As  mentioned, GW 18.3 will most likely run on Windows 7.  But it is entirely different matter for MicroFocus to consider it a supported OS when Microsoft no longer considers it a supported OS.  If you surveyed most software companies, I doubt you would find many that support Windows 7 for new releases of their software.

    Running EOL software is just asking for trouble.  I'm not denying that companies do it.  I'm just saying those companies can't expect everyone to cater to their needs because they are unwilling to move forward.

    Unless something changes dramatically in Win10 that causes MicroFocus to have to change things dramatically in GroupWise, it should continue to work on Win7.  It is just unreasonable to expect it to be a "supported" OS with all the responsibilities that designation includes.

  • No,  - those old os systems are not lost in space (or in the past). If there is ANY problem with GW18.3 clients on Win7, then use GW18.2.1 instead of the newest one. Running GW18.3 on the backend does not mean that you have to use the newest client everywhere!


    Hi Claude,

    I did not check the beta testers chats in the background.

    Well, you're right - just now there is no support for GW18.3 clients on Win7 which is a little bit odd. Yes, Win7 is end of life. And yes, customers still use it.

    So, older clients will be supported as before.


  • I come back to  's "survey".

    According to "in gw18.3 gwclient for win7 is not included and not planned" - this statement is right just now.

    So we need some feedback for development - is there a request to support GW18.3 clients for Win7? How many Win7 clients do you have to support and do you have to continue to run?

    However older client like GW18.2.1 can still connect to a GW18.3 environment in the background - these clients are available for Win7 too.