Help confused over Macs OS X and ios seeing and editing resource calendars

Some of our post offices are Groupwise 2018 and Some Groupwise 2014.

I'm having run.

So We are told we shouldn't use Groupwise 8 Client on Macs and all appointments made on a mac appear an hour out so good reason not to.

But, trying to replace Groupwise 8 NOT WITH WEBMAIL but with the Native Mac Client.

So on the native mac Client,  If I want to add an additional Calendar and the Calendar is from a user that's fine.  I just add it under accounts.

BUT if the Calendar is a RESOURCE how to heck do I get it up and visible in the calendar on the Mac and also on iOS.

I know I can publish it via a caldav server.  We have configured this and that would work for viewing a calendar but you cannot add an appointment to one of these calendars we need to actually be able to create new appointments on these calendars.

They are resources that are visible within Groupwise and we have say 100 users that just book apointments in these calendars but just adding them as a new proxy calendar. But as they are resources and not physical users I have no idea on how to get them on a mac or ios device so that i can edit them.

Is there any way I can edit them on a Mac or in Ios


  • So.. I can publish a calendar and that is great for read only viewing of the calendar that I can add to the Native Mac App for Calendars and also to iOS.  So viewing resources is do-able.

    But how do I add a resource so that I can edit it. 

    On iOS if you create the shared calendar as a new user then you can add that but that's using a Groupwise Account and costs a lot just for a calendar, and also doesn't solve an existing calendar that 100 users access at least and i want to just enable Mac users to be able to use this calendar. 

    Webmail is not an option.  It's using the native mac app or ios which is what i've understood we are meant to be doing, Webmail is not a client...

  • The only way I can think around this which is totally horrible is to give mac users access to the calendars via publish.  But then in each calendar setup a rule accepting all meeting invites.

    This way someone would have to email the calendar and that would then autoaccept their meeting, and in their published calendar when it next updates depending on what interval is set on the client it will then show the new meeting?