Are there XML maps for Groupwise USER / GROUP etc..


Is there a XML Map for Groupwise 18.2 ?

So i've had some bits working and some not.... I'm trying to export my user / group / resources / nickname stuff to excel to be able to work out what i need to change as i need to change domain names for a load of users.

I can export the .csv files from the API but they don't have all the data that is within the XML files. Which is seriously annoying for example i really need the exclusive flag to see if they are known by one domain name or all domain names, we have over 130 domain names...

So the user.csv doesn't have the exclusive flag. BUT when you export the xml it does, or when you do it to a screen in the browser but the problem with all of these is then importing it into excel. When i do it either creates a load of lines for each user which isn't easily readable 30 lines for each user! or it doesn't import the data which is nested and of course that's the darn stuff i need.   I've never played with importing them before but i think if i had a map saying what each is i can then get them in a flat file instead of it ignoring the bits that are in tables.  I just want one long line for each user will all their info.

See below example of part of a user in the xml view. This one has the exclusive set so i know they only have one domain they are allowed to receive email on.