Groupwise responding on same PO with Internet Headers.


Slightly Complicated weird one here..... Any ideas would be appreciated.

So we have a Mitel VoIP phone system, and also software on it that handles emails.  It collects the emails via iMAP... All straight forward, so we have numerous account setup with imap access, and the Mitel software picks up the emails from the customers and deals with them.

BUT, when the staff using this software forward emails or questions about emails to staff those emails go back out via imap so they appear to come from the email address it came into originally... Anyway when we have staff who are off and have out of office replies on it breaks the Mitel email system.

We've worked with Mitel on this and basically it's down to the fact that Groupwise is all on the same system and it doesn't go throught a GWIA or anything like that so the out of office response has NO INTERNET HEADERS. It's all handled on one po, and even those on other po's do the same as they aren't going through the GWIA, so their email software literally hangs.  It refuses to pick up any more emails and when we eventually spot there are no emails coming through we log on vai groupwise and just delete the offending out of office message and things flow like before. 

Is there any simple way to avoid this.  I've run out of ideas, and have got to the stage of thinking of having to create a separate linux server and somehow have those accounts on their on their own linux mailserver, and hpe that solves it as then it would go out from the GWIA and get headers, but then again as they are on the same domain as our other users i'm thinking that might not even work and would cause chaos with trying to route it... So I don't fancy trying that.  I'm just clutching at straws fora  way to force full internet headers on these out of office messages. Or a clean way that removes them from the inbox they don't all have 000 our out of office as the subject, and in theory they should break in the same way on normal replies from staff but they don't it's only on out of office messages that it happens as i guess they haven't reached the client.

Anyone had similar or got any ideas?



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    Slightly Complicated weird one here..... Any ideas would be appreciated.

    I'm not sure I followed everything you said...

    Why is your Mitel system not using the GWIA to access email via IMAP?

    What version of GroupWise are you running?

  • Hi.  Yeah i probably wasn't very clear.

    Groupwise a combination of 18.2 and a 14.2 post office (yeah I know!!)

    The GWIA shares the same IP Address as one of our post offices. FYI, but not i think that it really matters.

    The issue is when you send a out of office reply on groupwise to anyone else on your post office or on the same system, ours is configured to directly link to each other so doesn't go through a GWIA.  That's only going to the outside world.... So they don't stick internet headers on emails going between each other by default.  

    So the IMAP software is picking up these emails which don't have internet headers on and falling over.

    Is there a way without forcing all of our emails out to the internet and back of adding internet headers to all of our internal emails so that it's got headers and doesn't get upset and fallover.