Standalone GWCheck purges by Modified date -- leaves mail

Hello all.
System in question is still GW 8.0.2/3.
I have a problem where running the standalone GWCheck Expire/Reduce job leaves mail older than the specified date in mailboxes, particularly in the Sent Items. After a call with Novell support, they say that it's working as designed, according to TID:

The TID says the standalone GWCheck purges via the modified date, and if someone moves an item into a folder or any number of operations against the item, it sets the modified date to that moment. We're wanting to do a 365-day purge date, so that'd keep the mail around for another year. Not what we want.

Does anyone know a switch to change this behavior, to go off Created Date?

Does the scheduled tasks in the POA itself operate differently? That'd work against the entire PO (minus exclusions) but is it an option?

After years in Groupwise, I was astonished to learn the standalone tool goes by modified date, and that many common operations change the modified date on an item.

Thanks in Advance,

~Howard H.
Austin TX
  • Hi!
    You can do a test by scheduling a task of clearing and deleting emails from a certain date, in the post office.

    In the post office:
    GroupWise Utilities -> Client Options -> Enviroment -> Cleanup

    Mail and Phone: Auto-Delete After: (n) days that you want
    Appointment, Task and Note: (n) days that you want
    Empty Trash: (n) days that you want

    In the next maintenance task, all the emails and tasks on the post office should be removed from the date that you want.

    I hope this can help to solve you problem.