Groupwise API list who is in each group.

curl -k --user admin@**************************   "" > groupwisegroups.csv

Gives a list of all groups. user.csv gives a list of all users...

But how do i get a list of all groups with the membership.  Below shows how to do it for a group but i've no real idea on how to get it for a few hundred groups.

GET localhost:9710/.../members

Thanks in advance.

I'm sure before 2018 this was easy, and you could just export the address book and just select the groups.


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    I do the following in a browser:,domain,postoffice,memberName

    Then sort the .csv file




  • There was an excellent session at Brainshare 2015 - TUT7874. Whenever you have access to this file, grab it. It's worth!

    I cut out a few lines just to give you an example. It's not your solution because it is loop for users, not for groups. But it is a hint ...

    Looping Constructs: CSV, AWK, Curl
    curl –k –user admin:password“,postoffice,name&filter=lastClientLoginTime lt now(-1,month)” |
    gawk --field-separator=, ‘NR != 1 {print “”$1”/postoffices/”$2”/users/”$3}’
    for url in $urls; do curl –k --user admin:novell–X PUT $url–H “Content-Type: application/json” --data “{\”loginDisabled\”: true}”

  • Is there anywhere in the documentation a list of everything you can list under /list/*

  • Did you check the online documentation? https://server:9710/gwadmin-service, Detailed Documentation


    • /list/checksharedfolders
    • /list/objectsbyguid
    • /list/{type}
    • /list/{type}.csv
    • /list/{type}/schema
    • /list/{type}/{base}
    • /list/{type}.csv/{base}