Launch executable command line parameters ignored

We have created a bundle to install and launch GroupWise client (2012). This "online" version uses a Launch Executable action with no command line parameters in the launch phase and works fine to launch the client in online mode after install has completed.

We have another bundle, "caching mode" version, which uses a Launch Executable action to launch GW Client in caching mode by passing command line parameters:

/ipa- /ipp-1677 /pc-C:\Novell\Groupwise

This also works, except in a certain situation. The situation is this... we have a remote access solution that provides a way, using a laptop while offsite connected to any wifi, to launch the locally installed GW Client in caching mode but using different command line parameters than those noted above, we'll call this the "offsite" version. For argument sake let's say these are the parameters used for the "offsite" version:

/ /ipp-1677 /pc-C:\Novell\Groupwise

Once back onsite, and connected to our wired network, both the "online" and "caching mode" bundles fail to launch the client correctly. The "online" version presents the Novell GroupWise Startup window which shows that the "Address:" field still contains the setting from the "offsite" version ( The "caching mode" version launches but is unable to connect for the same reason, and the "Updating Mailbox" window shows that it is attempting to connect to the same address used by the "offsite" version (

Ignoring the "online" version, my real question is this, why is the "caching mode" version bundle ignoring the command line parameters assigned to it at launch? Shouldn't it be passing it's own parameters at launch time, effectively forgetting those parameters passed to the client by the "offsite" version?

I suppose the "online" version could be configured to pass command line parameters telling the client to launch in online mode with the correct address, but I suspect it may have the same problem as the "caching mode" bundle in the situation described.