Bare minimum for daily backup

I know this isn't a legitimate excuse but with currently 7 TB of data being backed on this site, there is no room to accommodate a full GW system backup, so I am checking out (creative) options, but really I feel the answer is just to fork out the $$$ and expand the backup capability.

Here goes... If Groupwise users are all running in cache mode, and the domain directory is being backed up, but the PO directory isn't, Can the Groupwise system be fully recovered by reinstalling Groupwise with the old domain folder, then somehow importing user data back in from their PC's cache mode files?

The domain folder lists these files:
<dir> wpgate

If this idea is a compete no-go then I guess management will need to agree to an expansion of the backup system or live with the risk of data loss.

- Gordon
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  • Please don't mix up caching and archiving. AFAIK, while you can easily open a PST "archive" with Outlook without the originating Exchange account you can't simply open a caching mailbox (OST files) without it.
    In GW you can, of course, archive contents of a caching mailbox and later on "restore" them to an even totally different GW system. There are also handy tools avail such as this one

    BUT, as Laura mentioned, don't even think about this as a replacement for a real backup. Or, as you've already mentioned: it IS a complete no-go.
  • I knew that relying on just caching files was never going to be a real backup, but caching mode is still better than online mode as far as backups go, or lack of. Because if the GW server died then staff could still view their local cache. The chances of your GW server dieing along with your PC's copy of cache files is fairly remote. Of course we don't have versioning, or recovery from accidental deletion, or even corrupt GW data.

    I should have put this into some context too - this is a 20 user site, not a 2,000 user enterprise. All critical file attachments and copies of emails are not left in someone's personal mailbox, but rather they are saved to their file system, as they should be.

    With all risks of just running caching mode, is there any merit at all with backing up just the GW domain folder?
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    Hi Gordon,

    You can't recover a GroupWise system with just the domain folder. Unless your end game is to create an entirely new GroupWise system in the event of failure.