Rest API - Group membership changes not being returned by filter


I am using a filter against a rest call I am making to a group as in

.../list/group?filter=timeLastMod gt '1611757952000'

I was expecting for the group whose members have been modified to be returned but it does not.

I also tried

.../list/user?filter=timeLastMod gt '1611757952000'

but no modification to either the Group or User is being returned when you add or remove membership!

Any feedback is appreciated.


  • The filter you are creating will filter the Group object itself and not the membership records. To filter on Group Memberships do something like this:

    .../list/GROUP_MEMBER?filter=timeLastMod gt '2021-01-01T01:00:00'

    You can also specify the time as you did. This will return all Group Membership records modified since January 1, 2021.

  • I tried that, and does provide (sanple node)...

    <object xmlns:xsi="" xsi:type="member">
    As you can see it provides the user information but there is no way to know what group was added to the user?


  • The list CSV endpoint can be used to specify an attribute list which would include the Group and member information. It will return the information in a CSV format. It would look like this:

    /list/GROUP_MEMBER.csv?attrs=domainName,postOfficeName,name,memberDomainName,memberPostOfficeName,memberName&filter=timeLastMod gt '2021-01-01T01:00:00'"

    This returns an output like this:


  • Wow, this will be a problem dealing with multiple formats (CVS)

    Is there an enhancement to be able to add the group attribute in a rest document.


  • I can't find any existing enhancement requests for this. I can log one so it can be considered for a future release.

    I am not sure if this will help but the diagnostics endpoint could be used to provide a complete dump of a Group Membership record. Each membership has a "diagnosticId" attribute:


    which can be used on the endpoint .../gwadmin-service/diagnostics/object/<diagnosticId> to get a full dump of each membership. In the diagnostic dump the following attributes contain Group information:
    50035 - Group Domain name
    50062 - Group Post Office name
    50073 - Group name
    and the following attributes contain information about the member:
    50039 - Member Domain name
    50040 - Member Post Office name
    50051 - Member name
    Hopefully that will be of some help
  • Yes please.

    Please add an enhancement request. Thank you for your assistance.

  • This request has been added to the list of updates to be made for the upcoming 18.3.1 release. I do not have a release date but this change should be included.

  • Thank you for the update Dave, much appreciated.