REST API Resource Visibility Change

REST API Resource Visibility Change
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Customer is attempting to change the visibility of the Resources in the GroupWise system, in preparation to migrate to Office 365, without having to manually change each object in the GroupWise system. Is there a REST API command that can be used to make such a change across the entire GW Domain instead of having to either visit each Post Office or Resource manually?
I have very little exposure to the REST API's but can test a script as needed. 
Thank you for any assistance that you may be able to offer in this case,


  • The Visibility setting is set per each User, Group and Resource so it will require an update to each Resource. This could be done with a recursive script but each Resource will need to be modified.

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    Understood about each Resource needing to be modified, does that mean that such a script is available to do this process, instead of having to touch each Resource individually? 

    The customer had a script that was able to rename Resources throughout the Domain, is it possible that could be modified to set the visibility as well?

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  • Yes, you're right. I don't know how you did it but I assume it will work. Instead of changing names you have to change visibility.

    So you need a script which search for all resources within one post office (or domain or system); there is a ReST API call to create lists. Then you have to take this output to create urls which will change visibility (loop).

    There was a tutorial TUT7874 explaining how to do. Search for it! I am not sure if I am allowed forward/publish it for legal reasons. But I'm working on this ...

  • Hi Daniel,

    I've wrote a script some time ago which changes resource type of all resources in the whole gw system from type resource to type role.

    Maybe you can use this script and modify for your scenario.


    You have to extend the LISTURL attributes with the "visibility" attribute.


    Visibility modification should work with: (that's part of another script to modify user visibility!):

    curl -k --user $adminuser:$adminpw -X PUT $gwadminapi/$userpath/$user -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data "{ \"visibility\" : \"POST_OFFICE\" }"


    Detailed documentation for the REST API you can found here: domain:9710/.../index.html


    maybe not the finest script, but for me it worked successfully.

  • Good morning

    Thank you everyone for your assistance in this matter, at this stage just waiting on the customer to determine their next steps. 

    I'll update as I hear/have any further details.