GW 18.1 getUserListRequest ContentType text/html does not match


We have a C# project with a service reference to groupwise.wsdl to handle requests to a groupwise server. 
In groupwise 8 this works but somehow a customer with version 18.1 is reporting the following error when they try to get the current userlist through our project:

The content type text/html of the response message does not match the content type of the binding (text/xml; charset=utf-8)

The call is build using a getUserListRequest that is filled with the key and name.

getUserListRequest request = new getUserListRequest()
key = settings.TrustedApplicationKey,
name = settings.TrustedApplicationName,
getUserListResponse response = null;
GroupWiseSafeProxy.DoActionAndClose(settings.Url, client => response = client.getUserListRequest(null, false, request));

Any idea why this works for GW V 8 but not anymore on GW18? Soap is enabled on the GW side, could it be that the customer must enable something else on de GW server?

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  • Please try doing the request with the gwTrace header set to true.

    This will instruct the poa to log the xml request and response to a log file.

    You can find it in the logging directory configured in the POA, and the filename will be the four digit date followed by xml dot three digit running number.

    For example:


    The POA buffers the logging, so it is easiest to restart the POA after doing your trace to ensure the file is completely written.

    Make sure you don't release code with the trace flag enabled, as it will slow things down.




  • Thank you for the reply!

    I have send my contact a new version of the sevice where they can enable the gwTrace through a appsetting in the web.config together with the POA information.

    Once i get a answer back, i will post it here. 

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  • It has been a long time since I have done anything with .net. The POA is looking for a SOAP request with a request with a content type of text/xml. For some reason, the C# (.net) app is sending the request as text/html. You would probably have to debug it in the C# application. Turning on the SOAP trace at the POA level will not show the HTTP headers.

    I have had problems with different versions of .net changing how things work.

  • Ty for the reply!

    The strange thing is, the same service version runs at a different customer environment with the same request to GW 18.2 without issues. 

    We are now waiting for the customers IT department to place the logging version of our C# service that will enable the gwTrace.