GroupWise 2012 Admin API "Internet Free Busy URL"


Does anyone know about the user6 object and how to get/set the InternetFreeBusySearchUrl value.

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  • The methods to get and set the IFB are on the IADUser6 object.

    In C programs the methods are

    get_InternetFreeBusySearchURL)(THIS_ BSTR FAR* retval);

    put_InternetFreeBusySearchURL)(THIS_ BSTR IFBUrl);

    The attribute is only applicable to external users and external resources and is equivalent to viewing or modifying the fields for an external user in ConsoleOne.

    See section 6.8.5 of the GroupWise 2012 Administration Guide titled Configuring External Users and Resources to Appear in GroupWise Busy Searches at (also copied here for your convenience)

    You can define the URL where free/busy schedule status is published for a user or resource in an external email system. This enables GroupWise users to receive Busy Search results from this external user or resource along with Busy Search results from other GroupWise users.

    In ConsoleOne, right-click an External User object or an External Resource object, then click Properties.

    Click GroupWise > Internet Free Busy Search.

    Specify the URL where free/busy schedule status for the user or resource is published, then click OK.