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Add archive feature to WebAccess

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Waiting for Votes
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over 5 years ago
Currently there is no archive feature in WebAcess



  • Now that Retain is with Micro Focus it would be very nice to have this better integrated in GW and WebAcc.
  • I would say get Email archives out of your live system and personal archives are not a good solution b/c they're usually on local drives or on network drives where Webacc can't or shouldn't be able to access. So Retain is the best solution I know, b/c it has a plug which plugs into the Webacc as a seperate plugin as a Retain-tab. What do you need more ?
  • So only today i have a user 24.5GB mailbox, and an archive of 4GB - surely who ever created the archive would of been better leaving it in the mailbox? the user is online too not cached - Massimo what would you do in this situation?
  • Fully agree on the overestimated savings, so by archiving 'locally' the amount of data to backup increased significantly. For what I suggested as a possible solution its not the savings, albeit would save a lot of storage vs using user local archives, but the ability to 1) allow for an archive that is always online 2) that makes the user and archive data searchable in one pass using desktop/web/mobile solutions. Would be cool to have like a checkbox that shows archive and user mailbox merged. This would make a much more user friendly solution 3) if you would enable this: allow for a system level protection preventing users from deleting data from the archive. Yes, I know Retain is there and I have customers using this. But, an in GW archive solution would help a lot of customers that do not want a Retain like solution.
  • Everything you say makes sense Massimo i dont doubt that, my issue is that Archiving was put in pre my arrival here, so now its how to clean up the "mess" and the best way to go about it. They were not even using caching here so all the mailboxes where online - that is the first thing im trying to rectify, then pull the archives back into the mailboxes (is my overall plan) but im being told this will cause issues with the find function, but once cached the find is then done on the local PC not the server so i dont see an issue. It would be easier if there was a better archiving solution built into the product as for some reason in peoples head "archiving" is what they need to do.