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Allow for folders in the Cabinet to be color coded, as emails can be color coded.

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Waiting for Votes
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over 5 years ago
It would be unbelievably helpful to have the ability to color code folders in the filing cabinet like we can with emails - I have hundreds of folders and subfolders, and sometimes alphabetical order isn't enough to help to find a folder quickly to organize and archive items in my inbox. Having certain folders stand out because they are coded RED or coded BLUE would be AMAZING!!! The color coding should travel over to the archive area as well. Thank you for considering!
  • I *just* had an end-user ask me for exactly this. And we *almost* already have it. Go to a folder (Windows client), right-click the folder, choose Properties. There on the General tab is a checkbox for "Calendar Folder". If you make the folder a calendar folder, then you *can* assign a color to the folder. Problem is, the folder now displays as a calendar, and you don't see the non-calendar items in that folder. My point is that the code to do the render of the folders in color is already in use; it might not be too hard to implement it for regular folders.