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Allow printing from TeamWorks and Apps leveraging iPrint (Quick) print in the backend

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago
Allow printing from TeamWorks and (web) Apps leveraging iPrint in the backend; one of the advantages would be the job always stays in the DC and doen not need to be synced locally before we can print, rendered and then send to the printer. When using TeamWorks Web, the Mobile Apps or integrated in an Online (co) Edit solution having the ability to directly interact with iPrint leveraging (Quick/web) print would allow for and logical and easy workflow.

Technically this could work like:
* When a user opens a file for viewing/editing in TeamWorks (or other systems like Filr, GroupWise WebAccess etc) leveraging the Secure Content Editor, the user token (could be grabbed from the LDAP source iPrint is using to auth the user) is passed along with the iPrint server url to the the Secure Content Editor activating the iPrint menu entry in the editing system.
* User can now print from within the application and authenticates to the iPrint server with the token, or worst case if the token is not there then is asked for credentials to auth onto the iPrint service. Then the user gets to see a list of allowed printer to print to, which is basically something like this idea "Allow integration of Printer Installation web page into company intranets"
* We need a small admin entry into TeamWorks Administration to setup the iPrint server url (that gets passed to the editor appliance) and maybe some other options that optionally may get passed like "Allow printing only for members of [grouplist-box]", "Allow user to change/add iPrint service URL's", "Keep Watermark when printing","Honor document security" (which prevents printing when the document/system is set to No Printing Allowed).

The Secure Content Editor Appliance for Micro Focus TeamWorks and for Filr has been released this week;

Integrating iPrint into LOOL/COOL (Micro Focus "Secure Content Editor") is not only an opportunity for Filr or Teamworks customers, but also one to expand iPrint to the growing community of COOL/LOOL customers leveraing Nextcloud and other 3th party collaboration systems. An (which is and indication and probably not up to date) overview of COOL partners can be found here, basically any system that integrates with LOOL/COOL becomes a potentical iPrint customer.