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Change "Vacation Rule" text

Status : Accepted
over 1 year ago

Currently GroupWise Web displays Vacation Rule. This should be localised - In the UK we would say Holiday rather than Vacation - or even better changed to Out of Office.


  •  Thanks for the cross reference.

     The original idea is still Waiting for Votes.

    I posted this comment on the original idea. Is it still worth considering?

    I agree that a name change is appropriate. The purpose of such a rule is to notify senders that the recipient is unavailable. S/he may be on vacation, or on a holiday, or out of the office but there are other situations to consider.

    Many people no longer work in an office and some office workers prefer to respond to email at specific times, for example, first thing in the morning or at the end of the day. Many of us expect an email response from certain recipients the same day or even within a few hours and if that can't happen a notification might be appropriate.

    I suggest the name be changed to: recipient unavailable.


  • The original idea can be found here:

  • This is planned for the GroupWise Client, GW Web and GroupWise Admin for the 18.3 release which is scheduled for late 2H 2020.   The change would be to go with "Out of Office"   instead of Vacation

  • This should be just strings and not UI work so it seems pretty minimal.  I will check with engineering and see if we can push it into 18.3 and changed it to planned.

  • Mike (Bills) will read it and knows our request already