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Client templating system

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Waiting for Votes
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over 6 years ago
It would be nice to have some sort of templating system for the look and feel of the desktop client. This system would allow us to change every aspect of the client (through either some interface, or the use of standard css/html). Templates could be saved and exported / imported.

This would enable a whole new level of customization of the GroupWise client and would make users feel more at home with familiar corporate branding.

The system needs to be flexible and feature-full enough to allow deep customization (ie. change icons for every action).


Windows Client
  • At the beginning it would be useful if we could have at least a different default client setup defined in a config file. Each new user could start with an Outlook like interface. (Summary view, Show group labels, Message preview, Display and remember Quickviewer on the right, Simple folder list, Show navigation bar with the most important folders, Hide main menu etc.)
  • Current Novell/MF branding includes some graphical elements, which also would be great to make replacable: taskbar/start menu icon; taskbar icon during login; mail compose taskbar icon; splash screen; window icons; client toolbar icons. Even the about box could be customisable.