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From and Reply to problems with SMG in GWAVA

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over 3 years ago
When the GWAVA SMG sends out a digest the From field is actualy the Reply to field in the incomming email. This makes it useless at times to determine if you actually want to accept the email or not.

In the Quarantine the From Column is also the reply to email address and it is not until you open the email in the viewer that you see the real From address.

This needs correcting to make life simpler for the user - even if the reply to is used in the processing behind the scenes the real address should be used in the digests and anything user facing.



  • It would be better yet to have the "from" as the default and an indicator of somesort to alert you when the "reply to" differes from the "from" That way there is a simple system to indicate that the email is less than kosher
  • It would seem simple to add two columns From and Reply to in both the digest and the Quarantine view. There are sometimes good reasons for them to be different such as with mailing lists as Christian mentioned above.
  • I definitely agree. As an example, managing inbound list traffic can become hell, if all the mails have the same reply-to address on them. Of course, seeing the reply-to address cal help in triage, but only if I see a/the difference between from and reply-to.
  • I think this makes a lot of sense: the From field may be a user-friendly and meaningful name, whereas the reply-to may be some other entity that handles generalized things. I never expect the reply-to to be that exposed.