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GroupWise client email display enhancements

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago
There have been many ideas about the way the GroupWise client displays email. These are some of them.
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  • 2788478 improve inheritance of client options (based on primary domain)
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  • 2774214 ability to increase font size
  • 2784450 Be able to push display properties of a folder to all folders
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  • 2784920 set columns for users view from administrative levels
  • 2788568 Change default font size for the list of the emails
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  • 2788083 categories see as text in item list
  • 2788152 hide subfolders in mail lists
  • 2782722 Conversation Threading Display Options
  • 2784200 Better DPI Scaling on high resolution monitors
I would like to see a consistent way of dealing with these and other formatting issues whereby display settings can be specified at any of these levels and be inherited by lower levels.
  1. Primary Domain
  2. Secondary Domain
  3. Post Office
  4. User
  5. Folder
  6. Subfolder
  7. Email
Folder properties would determine how the folders are displayed and would include:
  • Folder name
  • Parent (Which could be locked to prevent folder from moving)
  • Color
  • Icon
  • Primary folder category (would be inherited by items in the folder if not overridden)
  • Additional categories (Categories could be used to filter the folder list that is displayed.)
Folder display settings (the ones that make sense) would be specified at any level and inherited. They would determine how the folder contents are to be displayed and inherited properties could be overridden. I would like to have filter options to hide the display of sub folders.
Item display settings would provide information about the fonts used to display an item and would include:
  • Font name
  • Size
  • Color
  • Background color
  • Bold / Italic / Underscore / strike through
I would like to be able to change the font size of displayed items on the fly using the wheel on my mouse.
In a system that has many folders, it is not unreasonable to expect that a large number of them may have the same display settings. I don't believe that inheritance alone will fully provide that capability. I would like to see the folder display settings and the item display settings associated with "tags" that can be used to assign specific sets of settings to a folder. Item display tags could also be used to assign font settings to individual categories or displayed items either manually or via rules. I acknowledge there is some overlap with the way categories affect the display settings and that there should be one specific way in which formatting is applied.
Obviously there is a lot missing and, as they say, the devil is in the details.
This idea is to implement enhancements to the way the GroupWise client displays email (and other items) in a way that would provide additional flexibility and provide a level of consistency that I don't believe would be possible if many of the submitted ideas were considered individually. Furthermore some of the ideas are very specific and may not receive many votes whereas I hope a more comprehensive solution might.


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  •  Hi Val,

    That's what I'm asking for. I can't say how it might be implemented should the idea is accepted.

    Please vote...

  • I am hip on all these items. You mentioned "They wold determine how the folder contents are to be displayed and inherited properties could be overridden." Do you mean I would be able to set the properties of a specific sub folder and make those properties not inheritable other folders in the folder tree? I would love that.

    Also I am with you on being able to use my mouse wheel to change item display settings on the fly if I want to. I am used to it in other applications, it would be useful in Groupwise, too.