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Groupwise Mobility Services as appliance

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

The good idea is to deliver Mobility Services as appliance as SSPR, Filr and iPrint is.

  • Just a heads up that there are two Ideas with the same request:




  • this has been discussed between , me and multiple PM's. It is what it is.

  • The fact that Jason Blackett oversees product management for all the above should make it straightforward to provide a statement.

  • sure, think that would be true for my customers too. But I kind of gave up on the hope for an App after ZENworks Mobile Workspace was terminated; this had both the App (at least a good start) and the needed security... working together cross silo seems not to be MF's strongest point

  • Oh, actually I wish there would be a true Groupwise App. Activesync, while it has many features, nevertheless is a least common denominator solution, and also *is* often unreliable, if only because of bugs/incompatibilities in the literally thousands of possible mail apps (especially on Android).

    If there'd be a true GW Mobile APP for Android and IOS directly talking to the POA (or some sort of proxy), I could switch off 99% of the GMS installs I support.