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Groupwise Web - Open two emails and be able to access and see within one tab

Status : Needs Clarification
Needs Clarification
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over 1 year ago

New Groupwise Web (Version 18.2.1, Build 135777) is very fast to open, and very quick to respond. However, it would be nice to open more than one email message, and be able to access, view  & navigate each one within one tab.

For example,
- I double-click one email message, it opens in bottom right corner of tab
- I double-click second email message, it opens in SAME position at bottom right corner of tab
- I can't see first email message because it's under second email message
- I can't move either message
- If I close second email message, first email message is underneath

Thank you.


  • This is most likely a duplication of the request to be able to move and resize windows in GW Web.  

    When you open multiple emails you can see them minimized at the bottom of the page and toggle between them.   

    If you could move and resize the windows that would solve the request as I understand that and we do already have Ideas submitted on that and its in our backlog.    If that is the request please vote there.

  • thank you. I have changed the label

  • Label should be "GW Web" and name of product is "GroupWise Web".  WebAccess is the old web browser solution that will be depreciated very soon.