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GW Web Modify appointments

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over 1 year ago

What I personally miss the most in Groupwise Web:

After creating an appointment there is no possibility to change the appointment. For example, if more people are to be invited or the appointment is postponed.

Or an appointment should take place on Monday, Wednesday and next week on Friday.

I'm a little sad that there is so rarely an update for GW Web because the technology would allow a faster update cycle.
The new GW Web was not well received by us internally and was used very rarely. Too many functions are simply missing:
Address book cannot be changed. Personal appointments are not possible. The window for creating mail, appointments is much too small. Multiple emails cannot be processed at the same time. No signature. Windows too rigid and not adaptable.
I had to redeploy the old Groupwise web access.

  • an absolute must, just like a notify for appointments

  • I agree with you, and also no signatures or ability to proxy.

    It is like Web has started from too low a functionality platform. It is nowhere near ready to supplant Webaccess.



  • I absolutely agree in this! One never talks about the features of Groupwise Web and it is less used than the other clients, yes. But this is just BECAUSE it is treated as it is right now: the less you update its functionality, the less it will be used and the less it will be commented!

    And in fact, what  says, is right. All features he mentions are missing. It would always be a valuable alternative to the default client and to the mobile client as long and only IF it's features were updated.

    Please don't miss to achieve this. Don't slim down the base on witch GW stands. Not updating/upgrading its features would be a loss it cannot afford to lose.