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GW Web Signature Support

Status : Waiting for Votes
Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

Would be nice to have personal and global signature support. Don't think I've seen this in the road map...But happy to be corrected.


  • Signature support will be included in the next Tech Preview release. Expected as soon as this week.
  • We migrated to grouwpise web.

    Looks nice and works fine . proxy also working good.

    but i heard also some questions about the signature.

    Would be great if they add it.


  • We need the Signature...very much.

    Is there already an estimate for this?


    BTW: Draging and Droping recipients between TO, CC and BCC, isn't possible. Logout button isn't working. Download several attachments as a zip isn't available.

  • How did the new web interface ship without something as basic as signatures? Not only that, but how has it taken this long to even get word that signatures are coming to the new web interface?

  • Love the new look and feel of GWWeb.

    Signature support is much more important (for us) than proxy access.  Generally, our users don't proxy other accounts, but every one of them wants their signatures on their emails.