Idea ID: 2850405

GWWeb Quick Reply feature

Status : New Idea
6 months ago

The GWWeb quick reply feature is confusing, especially if you're not aware of what it is and does.  Initially I was confused to see a send button on the bottom right of the message preview and a faint 'reply to all' text at bottom left.. 

Suggestion: Can I suggest that the quick reply field is either highlighted by a background colour or actually put in a box.

Bug:  Secondly if you switch off the preview pane and then switch it back on the quick reply feature does not display again until you restart the client.

This feature does not show up when using the client on a smartphone  (Android)?

Wish:  I wish there was an AI text engine in the background suggesting possible replies !!!

I think the web client is a great step forward and a great opportunity for GroupWise.  I hope that it becomes feature rich very quickly - let's get it right.



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