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Mailstatus within shared folders

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11 months ago

It would be very useful, when using shared folders with my colleagues, that, when a mail is moved to this folder and one of those colleageus has read this mail, that the status that this colleague has read this mail would be readable for all the other members of the team.

We are using "department-mail addresses" that are only shortnames within a functional mail-account.

A specific rule moves mails, that are sent to this "department-mail address", into the specific folder (yes, this is a shared one) .

The first employee, who opens such a mail will do his work, and now the rest of the team has to recognize, that this employee is working on this "task" and they don't need to do any further action.

  • However if you need a solution before this idea will be a feature, then you can do in this way. Create three subfolders "in", "in progress" and "done". These folders are of course part of the whole share (share a structure).

    The first one who reads a mail and thinks that he is responsible for this mail, moves the mail to "in progress". When he has finished his work, then he moves this mail to "done". Incoming mails will be moved to "in" by rule.

    I know your request is smarter and easier. Nevertheless this is a hint ...

  • Hello,

    this is exact the same problem we have in our company too. Hope this will get a solution.