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Make GroupWise deployable from zenworks

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Waiting for Votes
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over 3 years ago
Why is it so difficult to deploy your own email client? Why not make it like the Zenworks agent deployable from ZENworks. It would be even cooler if you could check for updated clients like you can the zenworks agent.



  • Good morning,

    any News from Micro Focus regarding this really anoying issue?

    And if someone at Micro Focus is thinking of redesigning the Deployment-Process of the GroupWise Client please consider implementing an build-in Updater!

    These days almost every Software runs its own Updater or Update-Service (with Admin privileges, etc)!



  • Well, there *is* a groupwise.msi. Just that it is unfortunately not a "real" msi, but it's more like a batch file converted to a .msi, and as such has countless issues MSI was originally developed to overcome. To install the groupwise client, we have a Setup.exe, an Install.bat, a Groupwise.msi, and finally a setupip, each of which has it's own set of issues. Of course this is a result of many many years and versions since Groupwise exists, but it is *really* about time to start the whole installer from scratch. With every version it gets more of an unmanageable (and obviously unmanaged) mess. Useless huge .net versions shipping on and off, outdated VC runtimes being installed multiple times within the same setup run, now with 18.1 170MB of KeyView viewers being included twice in the client directory for no reason whatsoever, a MSI install that only works when it's explicitly started elevated (even as admin), otherwise breaks with registration errors and leave an incomplete install behind...
  • Completely agree it's 2018! why am I still using batch file to do an install.
  • Ok, sorry I misunderstood. We need to deploy as a bundle as we do a lot of custom stuff so for us being a bundle is not a downside in anyway. certainly an MSI would always make life even easier.
  • Hello Paul, I use Zenworks to deploy GroupWise as well, but what I failed at explaining thoroughly is to make it deployable like the Agent is, through the configuration page in Zenworks is what I am trying to get at. Instead of doing a bundle. Go to configuration page check for new GW client (like checking for available system updates) and download it and deploy from that page.