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Make Phone numbers clickable (without TAPI)

Status : Delivered
over 4 years ago
GroupWise uses the old TAPI or Windows Phone Provider which is far from what Jabber, Skype4Business, etc. use.
In the background the links are HTML and use the TEL:xxxx format, but there is a special handler in GroupWise that kicks them off to the old TAPI... add an other setting like "ClickToCall Links" and let the OS handle the TEL:xxx or SIP:xxx links - then dialing from GroupWise to a softphone already works.
I found a hack to change it in the details, but not for the QuickInfo - showed it to some users and first question was: Why doesn't it work in QuickInfo :/

Don't think it is hard to implement and would releave a bit of pain with regards to 'integration' to softphone based phone systems (aka all new ones)