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mobility calendar sync selections from web console

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over 4 years ago
Now that GMS 2014 R2 SP1, AKA 14.2.1 supports shared folders and calendars etc, we require the option to choose which calendars a user syncs to their device. With current setup, any calendars shared to user are immediately synced to activesync clients. In many cases not all shared calendars are desired to sync to devices and this can put unnecessary load on server and clients and even confuse users. Unfortunately only option currently is for users to, if available in their client, uncheck the offending calendars so the items from them are hidden from view, even though they are still synced.
Ultimately would like to be able to choose the calendars from GMS web console the same way users can choose address books to sync. Maybe with some form of italics or colour to differentiate shared options from user owned.